Terms of Service


By using the free account you agree that you have read, fully understood and that you agree to abide by these terms and conditions of use set out below and inside the free account after activation.

Using the Account

LocalPlumber-uk Limited have the right to move, adjust or withdraw information or services that we provide on our free account at any time without notice.

LocalPlumber-uk Limited also have the right to terminated the free account at any time without notice.

The free account is only to be used by the customer at the address registered on the free account and therefore can not be shared with anyone. 

LocalPlumber-uk Limited also have the right to remove any customer or discount provided in the promotion/ free account without notice.

Any customer found breaching any terms and conditions set out in the terms page of our main website www.members.localplumber-uk.com/terms may have there account frozen our terminated without notice.

Changes to contact details if the customer wishes they can turn off notifications and Unsubscribe to not receive any more information about products/services,  news and offers but understands that some services maybe restricted by doing so.

Promotions and adverts within the free account

Promotions from time to time will change therefore LocalPlumber-uk limited with have the right to remove any promotions without notice.

Some but not all promotions may be a affiliate links and the customer using the free account understands that LocalPlumber-uk Limited may from time to time receive some form of payments.

The customer using the free account or any paid account will never be entitled to any reimbursement or payment for using the free account, promotions, advertisements or services or any other such accounts provided by LocalPlumber-uk Limited.

Changes from free accounts to paid accounts

If at any time LocalPlumber-uk Limited changes the free account to a paid account LocalPlumber-uk limited must info the customer in writing, email, phone, sms or any other forms of communication to inform the customer of the changes and  to allow the customer time the make an inform decision to cancel the free account or move the free account to the paid account.